About Us

Bihar State Road Transport Corporation or BSRTC is a state-owned road transportation in Bihar.BSRTC was set up in 1959 under the provisions of Road Transport Corporation Act 1950. It is wholly owned by the Government of Bihar. BSRTC was established in year 1953 under Rajya Transport. In 1959, it has been transferred to Bihar State Road Transport Corporation a statuory corporation created under the provision of the State Road Transport Act 1950.We are providing transportation to almost 1 lakh passengers daily in different inter state and intra state routes. We are working dedicately to give transportation services to all the travellers. We are also working on enviroment friendly buses so launch Eletric Bus in March and CNG buses for intra state movement. We got many recognition for good transport during Covid 19 situation.

Our top routes are Patna-Ghaziabad, Delhi-Ghaziabad, Kishanganj-Ghaziabad, Buxar-Ghaziabad and many more. We are also running services between Patna-Khatmandu-Patna the first internation route of Bihar.